Pariss B.

Thank you so much for the care given.

Chris D.

Great care

Joseph S.

Evert visit timely and informative. Gave a feeling of confidence in advice and treatment,

Tim K.

Dr Choudhary prepared an extensive antibiotic treatment plan for me after I suffered a ruptured colon. The communication from him and his staff was excellent and my wife and I were able to manage the program with some help from a home nurse.

Carmen M.

Dr, Choudhry, and staff are very nice, understanding and professional.

Robert H.

Very helpful with questions about tropical travel. Provided necessary inoculations in office at time if visit

R S.

The people were friendly and helpful, efficient and professional. Knowing I was there to received vaccinations in preparation for an overseas vacation, they provided me with information not only about the vaccinations I received, but also about the countries I am to visit. There was very little wait time. I was seen right at my appointment time, and the doctor administered the shots himself very shortly after my admittance by the nurse.

Esther H.

Extremely informative and not at all horrible like anticipated. Any anxiety was immediately soothed.

Tina R.

Excellent service , great doctor & staff !


EXCELLENT, Very professional. I would not hesitate to return to him.

Melanie W.

Dr Choudhary and his staff are patient focused and knowledgeable. I’ve been going to his practice for years for all my pre-international trip meds and vaccines. Highly recommend Dr. C and his staff.

Elvia C.

Dr Choudhary took care of me in the hospital and then did a follow up .

Jalasmitha M.

Nicely explained everything

Geraldine S.

Happy with the care I received.

Kristen K.

Dr. Choudhary was able to easily evaluate my condition and put my fears at ease. I literally cried with happiness in his office when I was able to figure out what was and was not going on! Thank you Doc! KMK

Gail B.

The appointment was quick and to the point.

Freddy Z.

Friendly approach and best care.

Chuong P.

I had an unusual infection. Thank to Dr. Choudhary for his professionalism, patience and kindness to treat me successfully. I would recommend him to everyone who needs a infectious disease doctor.

Anjali B.

Dr. Choudhary helped treat me in the hospital for pneumonia and and after my discharge. He always made sure I understood what was happening and why. I would recommend him to anyone!

Kathy W.

Friendly practice, great travel advice, and all of the inoculations and antibiotics needed for trips overseas.

Julia D.

Dr. Choudhary is very knowledgeable and polite, he patiently explained everything to me. Highly recommend.

Jean V.

This was my first meeting with Dr. Choudhary. I am looking for a new primary care doctor because I have recently moved to area. Staff was friendly and pleasant environment. Minimal waiting time.

Pauline (Polly) L.

Even though I have received 3 reminders to take this survey, they have all come too late for me to even remember why I went to see the doctor . I see many doctors for many different concerns. I think I remember that one of them recommended that I see Dr. Choudhary. I’m 91. Maybe that’s my problem.

Ron M.

Dr. Choudhary is a great doctor makes sure you understand you medical concerns and how you treat them.

Maher B.

The best doctor ever seen.

Sixto G.

Is good doctor thank you for everything

Constance B.

Excellent care and no waiting.

Derek G.

Dr Choudhury and his staff are always friendly and proactive in getting requests done in a timely and efficient manner.

John C.

Appointment on time, just needed prescription renewal…after examination, got script and was out the door in minimum time. Thank you.

Henry W.

Dr. Choudhary made a quick diagnosis with great recommendations that ameliorated my problem- A super professional.

Brita F.

Dr Choudhry is so kind, caring and extremely thorough!

Lori C.

Hero’s don’t always wear capes, sometimes they save your life by just doing what they do best. I’m blessed to have had the knowledge, expertise and care of Dr C. He is an amazing Dr and expert at infectious disease, in my case, killing the orbital cellulitis that literally took over my eye. He found the “cocktail” to kill the aggressive infection and I am forever grateful. Cheers to this amazing hero!!

Fadumo A.

Fast appt, fast checking in and respectful services

Maria S.

Dr. Choudhary expertly diagnosed my condition and gave me excellent advice that was independent of the standard answers I was getting from other doctors.

Brigitte F.

Very friendly staff and most importantly doctor doesn’t leave you waiting, he’s been on time every time I’ve been there. Thank you.

David B.

Dr Choudhary, MD is the BEST!!!

Elizabeth R.

Dr. Choudhary listened effectively, compassionately and gave great care!

Katherine K.

this was the shortest ,coldest, least helpful doctor visit I have ever had , and I am 67. I quess I don’t have a fun enough disease. Luckily Erika was helpful on the phone a few days later.

Robert F.

Prompt, knowledgeable, and caring

Joyce S.

I have been to several doctors with no conclusion for reoccurring symptoms. This was my first visit to Dr. Choudhary. He ordered a multitude of blood work to be done. (to capture a full picture of my blood). I have to wait two weeks to find out the results. I feel that finally, I am in the hands of a doctor who is taking my symptoms seriously, and knows what he is doing. Office is peaceful. Staff friendly. Making appointment easy. Wait time for appointment quick.

Robert F.

Caring and knowledgable

George M.


Andrea P.

He was able to clarify all my doubts, will go there again in case I need it.

Debra P.

Care was extremely thorough and fast. He was knowledgeable and I felt safe traveling after being under his care.


Friendly and helpful.

Norma M. S.

Great experience coming into this office So glad to have the great Doctor Sarfraz.

Tim R.

The entire staff is knowledgeable, helpful, and responsive. I went here to prepare for some international travel and I am glad I did. I will be back for sure.

Jay V.

An excellent doctor who genuinely cares about his patients. Front office is very efficient & a pleasure to deal with.

Cheryl R.

Dr. Choudhary and his team have been the best..I have been under his care for many years. His personality is awsome..He’s kind, just a great person all around..His front desk people are good also..i would recommend him highly. I love his honesty, especially dealing with my disease…i’ll keep him. !!

Dena K.

Dr Choudhary is amazing!! I was in the hospital 2 different times for a week each time and he came by everyday to update me on my infection, even on the holidays. He answered all my questions and was honest with me while they were trying to figure out what infection I had, which according to him and the hospital Dr was rare which is why it took so long. Then I ended up with 2 infections but his expertise and 4 weeks of 2 antibiotics I am good to go!!


Thoroughly diagnostic and gives good advice.

Tamera S.

Thank you Dr.Choudhary and Staff!

J S.

Staff is very accommodating. Excellent bedside manner from Dr. I feel comfortable going to see him. Always feel taken care of.

Muhammad J.

Incredible Physician. My experience with him over years have been awesome and I don’t have any words to describe how dedicated and knowledgeable physician he is.

Hank C.

Got my lyme disease under control when five other doctors were unable to do so.

Tracy C.

Excellent bedside manner and so knowledgeable! Highly recommend Dr. Choudhary!!

Dorothy M.

Service was wonderful

Hoang-Oanh N.

My experiences during my two visits with Dr. Choudhary were very positive. He was very honest and very helpful.

Cheryl T.

Excellent experience with Dr. Choudary. Compassionate and respectful. Good listening and excellent bedside manner. My last experience was in the hospital. He check on me every day sometimes twice a day and answered all of my questions. Excellent doctor.

Carmen M.

I like the staff they are very accommodating , and Dr Choudhary is a very good Dr, he seems concern with my well being.

Hannah N.

Very good and quick at providing me options for my vaccines.

Olanrewaju O.

All my questions were answered.