We hope that everyone will travel safe, travel smart and travel healthy. Prepared to make your journey a trip that will provide you with memories of a happy time.

While working in the backyard, camping or playing a ball game these products can be of great value to deal with ticks, mosquitoes, bees, wasps and preventing deadly diseases as West Nile Fever and Lyme Disease etc.

Our aim is to provide our customers with the best and high-quality products. We are proud to publish these characteristics of our products after our recent surveys.

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Products for Bites and Stings

There are flies, mosquitoes, bees, wasps, spiders, fire ants and ticks just to name a few of the insect population that we live with every day, in the city as well as the countryside. All bite or sting! And the bite or sting area is left inflamed and itchy, for most not life-threatening, but uncomfortable and bothersome most certainly. For those who are allergic, they may need medical assistance immediately. Our StingEze product when applied begins to work immediately to counteract the effects of the insects listed. It is an external analgesic and antiseptic. It stops the pain, relieves the itching and reduces the possibility of infection. Also, all survival kits should also have an emergency remedy for those who may experience an allergic reaction to a bite or sting.

Of a more serious nature is the bite of a venomous snake, or scorpion, and some spiders such as the black widow, brown recluse or certain centipedes. Our venom pump product is the only travel kit proven scientifically to remove significant quantities of venom. The Extractor pump provides the most powerful suction available so that now cutting into the bite area is not necessary as in the past. Such survival kits should be included in every camper’s emergency first aid kits.

Ticks are the bane of every dog or cat owner and they are found everywhere. They are parasitic and can carry Rocky Mountain fever and Lyme Disease. Like mosquitoes, they feast on blood from any warm-blooded mammal, and we do belong to that species. The bite first injects an anesthetic which allows the head to burrow into the skin, if improperly removed and the head left in it can cause a severe infection. Our Tick extraction product eliminates that problem. Its unique cradle head is safer and easy to use to remove the tick entirely. It also prevents the head from expelling disease-carrying saliva back into the bitten area. All hunting camping kits should have one.

When you retire you are most vulnerable, in addition to using a lotion repellant you might find the use of a mosquito net most beneficial there are several types from the traditional mosquito net canopy, to the latest free-standing mosquito net. It uses flexible rods to form an enclosed canopy over the bed. We even have one for infants carrier mosquito nets that totally encloses the baby.

Lotions and Sprays

Our bodies exude a delicious aroma of carbon dioxide which when sensed by our insect neighbors says “dinner is on the table”. It comes from our breath and perspiration, it is natural body function. The uses of insect repellants, in many cases, are not designed to kill but to confuse and disorient them so that they look their feast elsewhere. Our Ultrathon insect repellant is unique in that one application lasts up to 12 hours with its controlled release technology. It is an exceptionally good mosquito repellent.Even though it is a natural insect repellant our Repel Lemon Eucalyptus lotion limits use to not more than twice a day, as it effects last about 6 hours. A natural insect repellant of lemon and the oil squeezed from leaves of the eucalyptus tree. It can be applied directly to the skin.

Our mosquito repellent permethrin, on the other hand, is used on clothing and is designed to kill mosquitoes and ticks on contact. Clothing should be sprayed and allowed to dry thoroughly before wearing one application can last up to 6 weeks.

Lotions and sprays are generally very safe to use, follow directions on labels of each insect repellant.

Sun Protection

Nasty sunburns that are not only painful but can blister, break open and be an invitation to infection can be avoided by the use of a good sunscreen.

A good sunblock lotion must have an SPF rating that protects not only the lucky person that tans and never burns to the person whose skin burns but never tans and need SPF sunscreen. It’s not fun walking around feeling and looking like a well-done lobster that is in dire need of refrigeration.

Our sport sunscreens with a variety of SPF comes in both a lotion and a lip balm which are long lasting and retains its protection even if your activity is in the water, or on the sandy shore and just perspiring.

As you get closer to the earth’s equator the suns rays become more intense so climatic changes can affect your skin’s tendency to burn so be it brown, yellow, white or african american sun protection is needed by all.

Water-Related Products

We are so fortunate that the knowledge of the U.S. environmental and health codes allow us to never to think of questioning the safety of the meat, fish, or vegetables and fruit we buy, any more than when we order a drink with ice cubes in it, or turn on the faucet for a drink of water, we expect it to be safe. The only time we show concern about water is when we are camping, we use camping water filters to make sure is not contaminated.Other parts of the world are not as fortunate. Many foods are not refrigerated properly; water comes from many questionable sources and requires water purification tablets and filters. We know from experience that 6 out of ten people traveling to other countries inadvertently expose themselves to traveler’s diarrhea by eating foods or drinking water that is contaminated.

Our water bottle filters and water purification tablets if used properly can eliminate this hazard which can cause Typhoid fever, E.coli, Giardia, and other bacteria and protozoas exposure.

If you get traveler’s diarrhea one of the dangers is dehydration. Our Oral Rehydration Salts product is one of the best ways to avoid this. When mixed with a liter of safe water it replaces the electrolytes lost by the body and eases the weakness and malaise experienced by this loss. There are commercial diarrhea remedies, but if there is no improvement after several days’ medical assistance may be needed.

Electrical Accessories

Most of the world operates on 220/250 Volts (V) alternating current (AC) which is twice the voltage we use in the states. This means that when appliances made for use here in America (110/125V) are plugged into a foreign 220/225V outlet, the motor goes twice as fast than it was designed to thus damaging or burning out the appliance. It is necessary to convert 220/225V and step it down to 110/125V.

There are several types of products for voltage conversion. The conversion device traveler’s need on their international trips depend on the type and wattage of the appliance being taken overseas to a 220/225V country. Check your appliance’s rating table for the wattage. A way to determine the wattage is to multiply the voltage by the amperage. (i.e. VoltsxAmps=Watts).

Medical Kits

Personal medical kits are a must for travelers, campers, hikers or fishermen who very often will be in an area where medical treatment and the need for sterile items are not readily available, and the need for emergency first aid kit can provide the means of preventing serious complications due to exposure of the injury to further contamination from dirt, insects and other forms of exposure.

An added advantage with some medical kits is the instruction booklets for the untrained first aid giver, as the instructions are easily followed and many provide complete packets to deal with various injuries.

Don’t allow the lack of a kit to expose yourself or your companions to any unnecessary medical complications.

Travel Accessories

So often it is the little things we overlook when preparing to travel we concentrate on the things we will need while we are there, we forget there are few things that can make getting there more pleasant.

When we travel often we forget about the problem of getting air or motion sickness, well now there is a preventative that isn’t a pill. Nausea wristbands, it is a new use of an old practice; it affects the acupuncture pressure points in the wrist and prevents nausea. It can even be used to stop pregnancy morning sickness and it works. We also forget disposable ear-plugs to reduce noise levels. There are also molded ear plugs, and foam ear plugs, and swimmers ear plugs.

Protecting our money and valuable travel documents have always been of considerable concern. From the old-fashioned extended belt travel pouch to the new impregnable security safe which has fabric laced with metal and can’t be ripped open and with safety anchor cable which can’ be cut even with bolt cutters. These security travel accessories assist in protecting your identity, it is prime of concern. Thieves love to get their hands on passports and credit cards which can be converted into instant cash at the right market. High tech has also given us the luggage locks with sensors to let you know if your lock has been open by any secured access device used at the airports.